Working With Us


Why Work with Pro-Services?

We're a growing company with a vision unlike most companies. We believe first in the goal of producing happy-dancing customers. 

Most companies, and people, focus mainly on the money. While the money is important (we all have bills), it's customers so happy with the service they get that they consider us to be the only company they would ever call, AND tell all their friends, family, and co-workers about us, that really drives our continued success. 

This notion of focusing first on our customers experience and satisfaction is what keeps us very busy, which is very good for the people that choose to work with us.

Who We're Looking For...

We're looking for the basics of course...

Honesty, ability, integrity.

But beyond those important areas, we're looking for people that are independent thinkers. People who can figure it out on the fly and take pride in doing so. They aren't constantly looking to cover their butt. They take responsibility for their mistakes and do everything possible to correct them. 

They communicate well. 

They aren't afraid of technology. 

The keep their personal issues separate from work.

And MOST important, they put the TEAM first. If it's not good for the TEAM, they don't even consider it. They don't mail it in. They don't call in the day of with a lame reason why they can't do what they said they'd do.

They do the right thing, even when nobody's looking.

If you're that person we want to talk to you. We want to see what your'e made of, to see if its a good fit.

So drop us an email at including the following:



Phone Number


Three Work and Non-Family References

Transportation Situation (your own vehicle and what kind or do you need rides or share a car with your spouse?)

The Areas of Construction Your Best At

The Areas You're NOT Very Good At (Please Be Honest Here)

A Brief Sales Pitch About You (Basically Why We Should Work With You?)

Thanks for taking the time to consider joining our team. We will review your application soon and get in touch.